Rosemary Grant
Senior Associate

With more than 13 years in legal practice and extensive prior experience in the private and public sectors, Rosemary has a depth of understanding to apply in her specialisation in wills and estates.

Significant Areas of Focus

  • Wills
  • Deceased Estates
  • Probate
  • Estate Administration
  • Aged Care
  • Estate Planning
  • Estate Litigation
  • Disputed Wills
  • Inheritance & Succession
  • Family Provision Act Claims
  • Applications for 'Court Made' Wills
  • Resealing of Foreign Grants
  • Mediation
  • Administration Law

About Rosemary

In her specialist wills and estate practice Rosemary applies her extensive legal experience in acting for executors, administrators, beneficiaries and other persons close to the deceased to provide really good advice. She focusís on the result sought by the client and applies her extensive experience to advise on the best way to achieve it. She has extensive knowledge in contested estate matters such as in relation to the validity of wills, complex estate administration and claims for further or better provision for executors and claimants in an extremely diverse range of circumstances. She enables her clients to make informed choices all along the way whether it be in guiding clients through mediations to reach settlements in what might otherwise have been complex and expensive matters or in court hearings. She has acted in all types of matters in the High Court, Supreme Court, Federal Court and District and Local Courts as well as in Tribunals.

Rosemary also has extensive legal knowledge and expertise in estate planning and wills including in matters which are particularly complex due to the personal circumstances of clients such as where there are second or third relationships and/or children of different partners.

Further Rosemary can assist clients in putting the necessary paperwork into place to ensure that their wishes are known, and hopefully respected, in the event that they lose capacity in the future for example with appointing people with Powers of Attorney and as Enduring Guardians and in preparing Advanced care directives.

Prior to practicing as a solicitor Rosemary worked in privacy and in human rights policy with particular emphasis on the rights of older people such as the elimination of age discrimination, compulsory retirement and nursing home bonds. Her early legal practice included native title , civil and criminal matters and refugee claims as well contested estates and Rosemary continues to act for people from diverse economic and cultural backgrounds in both large and small matters in native title, litigation and she has volunteered in community legal centres and for NGOís.

From her wealth of life and professional experience Rosemary is not phased by the circumstances of any case and is approachable by any client even in the most sensitive of matters Rosemary was admitted to practice in 1999 and holds a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences and a Diploma in Legal Practice.



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