Residential tenancy agreements: What are the standard terms?

Published in: June 2016

Residential tenancy agreements should have a number of standard terms, and generally speaking, such terms cannot be varied by a landlord.

Some of the most important terms that cannot be varied include:

  • the existence of an agreement;
  • the right to occupy and possess the property;
  • the amount of rent that should be paid, which includes either increases or reductions in rent;
  •  rights such as the right to quiet enjoyment, and to use the property;
  • the obligations of the landlord in relation to the property, such as urgent repairs and access to the property.

The above standard terms is just an outline and do not include all standard terms that should be in a leasing agreement.

Landlords must provide a written agreement at the commencement of the leasing period and depending on the laws of the jurisdiction, landlords may not be able to increase the rent for a specified period, nor are they also allowed to terminate the agreement if no grounds are provided.

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